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;where the valley narrows-

3 August 1986
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the girl.

I am Sarah's Superiority Complex.

20. Blonde. Redhead. Tall. Typical. Insecure. Perfectionist. Procrastinator. Sarcastic. Indecisive. Cry on a whim. Fuck up. Jealous. Romantic. Protective. Caring. Social Butterfly. Loud. Success. Impulsive. Hyper. Shy.
I can't take anything seriously. Stupid little girl, hopeless romantic. Shotgun wedding. Kiss me in the rain storm. Marry me, tomorrow.

I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me?
--Things are gonna change. I can feel it.

the inspiration.

I lower my EYES___ wishing I could cry more &- care less.

She wore faded jeans and soft black leather-
She had eyes so blue they looked like weather___

the credit.

Layout was made by tasha's pre-made journal codes that are featured on her community. The graphic featured on the layout was made by asylumangel, that's me.

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